Playa del Ingles [1 Hour]

If you decide to departure from Playa del Inglés,
You will be see the coast of Maspalomas, Meloneras and will end in the beach of Arguineguín.
In this travel you will see the beautiful Dunes of Maspalomas and of course the LightHouse at the coast of Meloneras!
When you arrive to Arguineguín you will see the amazing port since it's next to the beach!
After the travel ends you will return to Playa del Inglés!

Playa de Taurito and Playa de Mogán [1 Hour]

If you decide to departure from Playa de Taurito or Playa de Mogán.
Both of these departures have the same travel, but if you departure from Taurito you will be able to see Playa de Mogán.
You will go around the coast of Puerto de Mogan, Veneguera and end in the coast of Tasarte.
Each of this coast has amazing views. Puerto de Mogán with his port and Veneguera and Tasarte with stunning cliffs!

Playa de Taurito and Playa de Mogán [2 Hours]

This travel will include the one metioned above with the addition of 3 more unique spots.
Tasartico, Descojonado and Güi-Güi. Tasartico is a hidden beach which access is a bit hard to make, is a beach full of rocks and it`s surrounded with cliffs.
Descojonado has the best cliffs you can expect. You will be shocked on the view of this cliffs all the way to Güi-Güi.
Güi-Güi is a unaccesible beach, the only way to see it is through this travel or with a private boat. This beach is the one most people that comes to canarias wants to see.

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